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Support for elderly homes
Capacity Building

We encourage the acquisition of skills and technical know-how in energy among youths in Nigeria.

Unlimited Support

We provide resources to libraries in institutions and establish prizes, programmes, grants, fellowships, bursaries and scholarships to encourage excellence in young people In the area of Energy, while directly assisting indigent Nigerians.

Partner with us

Partner With Us

If you share similar goal and vision with us, please feel free to be a part of our unending journey into improving the quality of lives from communities to communities one installation at a time.

Free Energy

We provide energy free to orphanages, rehabilitation centers, elderly homes, hospitals, prisons, schools, and other public institutions.

who we are

light up a precious life

Light up a Precious Life, is an initiative by Juststandout to provide power backup solutions for Rehabilitation centers, orphanages and elderly homes.
21st  century homes, offices and plants are being built today, however we cannot enjoy them to the fullest due to the inadequate power supply. Light up a precious life aims to educate and deliver effective and efficient energy solutions to individuals and entities across Nigeria and Africa.
Today we are pleased to say that in homes, businesses and roads (streetlights) across Nigeria (soon the rest of Africa), this concept is helping deliver uninterrupted energy supply. Some of the ideas within this concept can be done with little or no investment. Our mission is to use God given wisdom to improve the quality of life of individuals and entities.
 All our energy solutions are based on continuous research and experience in the field. We bring together all these ideas, skills and assets to provide backup for rehabilitation centers, Orphanages and elderly homes