Juststandout Lights Up Regina Mundi Home For The Elderly.

Regina Mundi, Home for the Elderly is a residential home with support and supervisory personnel; it provides room, personal care and habilitation services in a family environment for the aged.

With the involvement of JustStandOut, an alternative power solutions and energy consultancy through its charitable project called “Light up a Precious Life”, the elderly home has been lit up with power solutions that will generate the equivalent of 2.4KW electric power, thereby providing uninterrupted and adequate energy to power the bedrooms and common room of the home. Importantly, this solution will save the home considerably in its operating expenses.

“The donation of this solution to Regina Mundi Home for the Elderly is in line with our vision of helping organisations meet their need for regular power supply at a cost that is affordable and the solutions environmentally friendly. We see the great work Regina Mundi Catholic Church is doing in our society, and we believe that by helping them reduce their overheads, especially their power outlay, it will be better placed to serve the residents of the home it is currently catering for,”  Mr. Joseph Inyang Said

Rev Mother Anthonia Adebowale (EHJ), Sister-In-Charge of the elderly home was filled with joy and said we can’t begin to express what your solution means to us here at the home. The solution is most definitely helpful and will go to extremely good use, there’s no doubt about that. But more than the value, we so greatly appreciate the thought behind reducing our cost on fuel and helping our residents to see in the dark especially in the mornings, our rooms, bathrooms, & common rooms are now well lit in the mornings.  Lack of power is a burden but your actions have really lightened the load. For that especially, we thank you”.

The solutions are fitted with battery rack, accessories, complete electrical installations and a warranty to ensure that the equipment function optimally for the benefit of the home.

Mr. Inyang said the energy challenge of emerging markets, particularly Nigeria’s, requires solutions that are both innovative and cost effective. “The Juststandout Living Solutions call for designing or renovating energy systems within a structure to minimize energy consumption, so we are better able to meet the people’s energy goals. Juststandout works directly with the individual or architect to provide full mechanical and electrical services.  We are pleased to see that in homes, businesses and on roads (streetlights) across Nigeria, this concept is helping to deliver uninterrupted energy supply. Some of the ideas within this concept can be implemented with little or no investment,” he said.

Regina Mundi Home For The Elderly

Regina Mundi Home for the Elderly is a senior care facility located in Mushin. It is also known as board and care home, which provides non-medical care and supervision for ages 60 and over,. We help fulfill the special needs and requirements that are unique to senior citizens and also offer a secure, comfortable home for your elderly loved ones, an active lifestyle to maintain and promote healthy living, along with high quality service.

 Information on Regina Mundi Elderly Home can be found at http://reginamundimushin.com/

 About Juststandout Limited

Juststandout provides alternative power solutions and energy consulting that significantly improves the quality of life of individuals, organisations and communities. Information on Juststandout can be found at http://www.Juststandout.com.